Corporate Wellness Program

Are you an employer with 500+ employees and looking to drive down rising Health Care costs?

By implementing our Corporate Health & Wellness program we can help you save over $800K in just Year 1.



  • We help engage your staff to live a healthy and mindful life via our monthly health challenges.
  • Each challenge is geared towards encouraging physical activity and consciously building on clean eating habits, which practiced over a period of time has proven to becoming a way of life.
  • Our 7 Day Leader Board helps each one of your staff push just a little harder to reaching their short term health goals, while building healthy competitive spirit among staff. Science backed evidence here > Competition is Motivation
  • A new and unique challenge every month helps keep the interest alive, resulting in better engagement.
  • Rewards to top participants at the end of each challenge serves as added incentive, to help your staff push harder for that coveted grand prize.

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