Our Story

‘The Fitness Diaries’ was kick started in May 2014 for a small group of like minded friends.
In 2015, the group gained momentum when the idea of doing a #100HealthyDays Challenge came about.
Overnight, the subscription to the Facebook group tripled!

Our vision is to encourage people to head to local gyms and fitness centers, meet, workout, and bond with like minded people and form support groups within one’s community.
Our hope is to spread awareness on the importance of good health and fitness amongst people who are living sedentary / moderately active lifestyles and bring home the message that making healthy life style changes is very much possible.

We are proud that Fitness Diaries – The Facebook group a grass root movement, currently has over 1300 members from across the world.

Numbers_ChallengesIn less than 3 months into 2016, Fitness Diaries Members have collectively clocked in 91378 workout minutes during the course of the various challenges that we have run successfully.

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