Our Work

We run various easy to moderately tough healthful challenges, that encourage people to get physically active and participate in, from the comforts of their home and at their own pace.

Our challenges are unique and always have 2 components.

  • A physical activity / workout aspect to enhance ones body externally
  • An internal nourishment for the soul and body by changing ones everyday habits / eating clean

All challenges lead to ONE common goal
“Learning healthy habits through practice. Leading to a healthy life style change.”

Some of the successful challenges we have run / that are on at present / coming up are

  • #SpringIntoAction
  • #21DaysOfBodyAndBeyond
  • #SpiceItToWinIt
  • #BeMy-HeartHealthy-Valentine
  • #16.16.Jan.2016.
  • #100HealthyDays
  • #1KMilesIn136Days